By Andrew Fothergill, National Poultry Advisor at ForFarmers

Healthy turkeys are high performing turkeys – fit for the centrepiece of any dining table! 

Nutrition plays a vital role in the overall result you sell at the farm gate and makes up a high percentage of the cost of production, so it must work hard for you! 

Here are three ingredients to look out for when thinking about turkey nutrition this season:

  1. Mannan oligosaccharides from yeast, or MOS for short! This helps neutralise the threat posed by E coli.
  2. Oregano Oil – encourages feed consumption and has antimicrobial properties, with particular testimonials from producers regarding blackhead control.
  3. Enzymes – aid digestive efficiency and support intestinal health too. This promotes overall feed conversion efficiency and reduces pollution potential to manure – which can be a valuable part of your sustainability story to your customers. 

You can find these three super ingredients included as part of the Traditional Turkey range from UK manufacturer ForFarmers.

Andrew Fothergill

Andrew Fothergill

Beyond supporting overall bird health, these ingredients also help with drier litter, which leads to cleaner birds offering the best opportunity to maintain good feather condition – high on the agenda of any turkey producer. 

Good feather covering has two key benefits: it improves feed conversion efficiency by keeping the birds warm, so they don’t waste energy trying to stay toasty! 

And we also know that overall presentation is critical for our seasonal producers, and the feather coverage protects from scratches.

Ultimately, the ForFarmers’ Traditional Turkey Range results in more ‘grade A’ birds with better presentation.

To find out more about what your turkeys need to achieve their pride of place successfully on the dining table, talk to a feed specialist today.