Adas seeking high-welfare poultry farmers

hens in a field

ADAS is hoping to recruit UK poultry producers implementing high-welfare practices on their farm for a Defra-funded study.

The work will help inform a future voluntary scheme to offer financial support for good animal welfare initiatives on farms.

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Producers will need to fill in an online survey and take part in a follow-up call to discuss the costs and welfare benefits in more detail.

Those who take part will be paid £100 to compensate for their time.

Welfare, performance and cost records will need to be provided, but all data will remain strictly confidential, and farms that take part will not be identifiable, Adas said.

It added it would like to speak to farmers who achieve or do any of the following:

Laying hens

  • Good feather cover with fully beaked or beak-trimmed birds
  • Good range use promoted by enhanced outdoor ranges (e.g., with trees or other features/enhancements to encourage range use)

Broiler Chickens

  • Rearing slow-growing strains
  • Rearing to reduced stocking rates
  • Encouraging range use with enhanced outdoor ranges (e.g. with trees or other features/enhancements to promote range use)

For more information, contact Hannah Baldwin at Adas.

Email: hannah.baldwin@adas.co.uk or call 07785 708545.