A MAJORITY of companies that committed to stop using eggs from caged hens by 2020 have fulfilled their pledge, according to new analysis.

More than 2,000 companies have introduced cage-free hen policies worldwide because of sustained campaigning from animal welfare groups.

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Of those, 954 said they would move to cage-free eggs by 2020, according to the Open Wing Alliance (OWA), which compiled the new research.

While 85% of those had met their commitments, the OWA said 5% were not yet cage-free but were reporting on progress. The final 10% are not currently reporting.

The report described the data as “incredibly promising”.

‘Held accountable’

“It signals that corporations are taking their animal welfare commitments to heart and into action.

“These companies are being held accountable to follow through on their public promises to source eggs and egg products exclusively from hens that are free from cages—as their customers rightfully demanded.

“We expect this trend of transparency, including reporting and fulfilment of public welfare commitments, will continue as more companies approach their agreed-upon deadlines under the watchful eye of the Open Wing Alliance groups around the world,” it added.

The OWA is a coalition of more than 75 organisations from 63 countries that has been working for more than a decade to secure cage-free welfare pledges from the world’s largest food companies.