ALDI has been lauded by NFU Scotland for stocking almost 90% Scottish chicken in stores in the country.

The latest ‘shelf watch’ survey revealed that the retailer was on top when it came to sourcing Scottish chicken, with 97% of breastmeat sold Scottish.

Members of NFU Scotland’s Poultry Working Group visited 56 supermarkets in January and February this year to assess the sourcing policy of different retailers.

Aldi led the way, with Lidl at 88% and Morrisons at 70%. Two of the country’s largest supermarkets, Asda and Tesco, were both found to stock no Scottish chicken products.

NFU Scotland Supply Chain Working Group chairman, John Armour, said: “In this most recent shelf watch Aldi has demonstrated a high level of Scottish provenance. 

“Across the last 12 months, NFU Scotland has found that Aldi consistently performs well, stocking Scottish beef, lamb, pork and chicken throughout the year. This commitment is welcomed by the Scottish farming community.”

The results in full

  • Aldi total average: 89.5% Scottish, 10.5% UK, 0% Other (10 stores visited). 
  • Lidl total average: 87.7% Scottish, 12.1% UK, 0.2% Other (10 stores visited). 
  • Tesco total average: 0% Scottish, 99.9% UK, 0.1% Other (16 stores visited). 
  • Asda total average: 0% Scottish, 99.9% UK, 0.1% Other (10 stores visited). 
  • Morrisons total average: 70.2% Scottish, 29.8% UK, 0% Other (7 stores visited). 
  • Sainsbury’s total average: 11% Scottish, 89% UK, 0% Other (3 stores visited). 

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director at Aldi Scotland, said: We are committed to offering the highest quality chicken and meat produce in all our Scottish stores for our customers to access all year round.