ANPARIO has launched a website that sells its feed-additive products direct to poultry farmers.

The site, entitled Anpario Direct, is aimed at smallholders through to commercial producers, and also caters to bovine, pork, pigeon and equine customers.

Among the products on sale are Orego-stim, the oregano-based essential oil and Mitex, the chemical and pesticide-free natural control powder against all types of insects and mites.

“Our market research confirms that the internet is used extensively when researching health, performance and reproduction issues, as well as for purchasing products,” said Sarah Osborne, general manager of Anpario Direct.

“The website will provide helpful, userfriendly content and technical information for poultry producers through blogs, videos and our technical tips.”

“It will also provide access to additives which until now have only been available to larger producers due to restrictions on minimum order quantity.”