THE APHA has launched a new online licensing service for premises caught up in an avian influenza disease control zone.

It is hoped the new process, which replaces a largely paper-based system, will help to streamline applications for producers close to avian influenza outbreaks.

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It will also allow applicants to see progress more quickly and receive movement licences electronically.

Disease control zones prohibit the movement of poultry, other captive birds, eggs, poultry products, materials associated with their keeping or mammals without a licence from the APHA.

“The person responsible for the movement or activity must apply for the licence. This might not be the person who will use the licence,” APHA said.

“For example, the driver of a stock vehicle may use the licence, but the applicant will be responsible for satisfying the licence conditions.”

More information about the new process can be found on the APHA’s website.