AVARA FOODS has joined a coalition of retailers and suppliers that aims to develop a “harmonised approach” to product-level sustainability data.

The BRC Mondra consortium has pledged to adopt a standard way of calculating the lifetime carbon footprint of its products.

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Avara Foods is joined by retailers such as Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury’s, and suppliers like Cranswick and Pilgrim’s Pride.

The poultry integrator said it had formed part of the pilot group, supplying its carbon footprinting data, in 2022.

The formal announcement of a standard for carbon footprinting products came just before the end of 2023.

Environmental performance

Avara said: “This project will provide the means to monitor, improve and communicate the environmental performance of products, enabling effective measurement and management of Scope 3 emissions.

“It could also help identify opportunities for the various parts of product supply chains to connect and drive further reductions.

“As we know from our own work, we can reduce our own carbon footprint, but bringing down carbon emissions throughout our supply chain requires collaboration and partnership – and that all starts with reliable data.”

Avara’s sustainability director, Andrew Brodie, added: “Avara is delighted to be part of the BRC Mondra coalition, as taking our carbon footprint data to a product level, whether that’s a product for a retailer or for food service, is a huge step forward in accuracy from where we are today.