AVARA FOODS has published its third Responsible Business report, which details work it is doing to improve the sustainability, conditions and welfare outcomes the company is undertaking.

The firm has trialled the Better Chicken Commitment Standard (BCC), on-farm hatching, new water sanitation solutions, and extensive feed trials this year.

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Avara has also posted figures for some key welfare measures; pododermatitis, hock mark and total mortality.

The broader business has committed to science-based targets to achieve Net Zero by 2040, focusing on decarbonisation rather than off-setting emissions.

In 2021 the firm also joined the UK Soy Manifesto and introduced new packaging that uses ‘significantly less’ plastic.


Avara Foods chief executive, Andy Dawkins, said: “Acting responsibly is one of the cornerstones of our business and has become the everyday expectation of the team at Avara.

“In every aspect of our business, we want to be clear about what we stand for and what anyone working with, or for, us can expect.”

Andrew Brodie, people and communications director at Avara, added: “That we’ve been able to make so much progress, against such a challenging backdrop, says everything about our culture and the commitment of our people.


“Whether it’s our commitment to science-based targets, a successful Kickstart programme, welfare trials or innovative, reduced-plastic packaging, we’ve set a clear marker that acting responsibly is part of our business, whatever the weather.

Of course, there’s still more that we can, and want, to do, but this report shows that we’re making good progress and that, whatever goals we set, we’re going to achieve them.”

Avara’s full 2021 report can be found on its website.