AVIAGEN hosted some of the best broiler breeder producers in the UK at its first flock awards since the covid pandemic.

Over the past five years in the UK Ross breeder performance has shown an average annual gain of 2.7 chicks per Hen Housed (HH), 0.3% hatchability, and a total egg improvement of 2.9/year.

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As an example of this steady improvement, the average 2017 breeder result was 141.5 chicks/HH, compared to today’s 152.3 chicks/HH average.

The flock awards recognise top performance from individual farms.

The top award of the evening went to the team at Brooke Farm at Banham Poultry (2018) Ltd, who achieved 170.28 chicks per hen housed (chicks/HH).

The top nine 2021 flocks produced on average 165.5 chicks/HH in 2021.

‘Amazing performance’

Stuart Thomson, head of UK sales & technical for Aviagen, said: “On behalf of the UK team, I congratulate the 2021 UK Flock Award winners, who are an inspiration to breeder growers in the UK and around the world.

“I am humbled and amazed at their performance and the people behind the birds who made it possible.

“The skill with which they tend to the flocks, the dedication and passion for their birds, and daily hard work on the farm all play a role in attaining breeder results that place them at the pinnacle of the UK breeder market.”

Mr Thomson added that the 2021 recipients exceeded Aviagen’s standard performance objectives, which he said was impressive given ongoing economic and other global challenges.


“We are honoured to take home the top 2021 Flock Award, said Marion Whittred, breeder area manager at Banham Poultry (2018) Ltd.

“Our team works hard to continually advance the health, well-being and performance of our birds, which is key to fulfilling our mission to help feed the nation and the world.

“Thank you to the Aviagen team for this special recognition of our team effort.”