AVIAGEN has rewarded producers achieving top results on broiler farms at its latest Ross 420 Club Gold Event.

Gold awards were given to broiler growers who demonstrate consistency and/or high European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) scores.

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To qualify, they need to exceed a flock with a score of 10% over the target (in other words, a one-time score of 462 or more) or three 420+ flocks in a row.

EPEF is an equation used to measure the technical performance of a broiler flock and considers the feed conversion ratio (FCR), liveability (life expectancy), live weight and slaughter age of the bird.

Consistency sets the “gold” winners apart, according to Kieron Daniels, Aviagen UK broiler specialist. “This level of success is evidence of the excellence of our Ross 420 Club members. Their husbandry practices and passion are unmatched in the industry.”

Ross 440

He explained that, due to the steady rise in performance numbers seen in the UK, Aviagen introduced the Ross 440 Club in June.

“It is important that our club members, in particular our gold winners, continue to reflect the top 1% of the UK broiler industry, and that is why we continually raise the target.”

Speaking after the awards ceremony, gold winner Lee Baxter said: “We thoroughly enjoyed the event. From the activities to the presentations, it was educational as well as fun.

“It was great to get together with producers who share the passion of growing to the highest standards possible and bouncing ideas off from one another.”