AVIAGEN has once again raised the target European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score requirement from 440 to 450 for new entrants into its performance club.

The new Ross 450 Club represents the top 1% of the UK’s broiler sector, Aviagen said.

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Improved performance and genetics have led to the original Ross 400 Club advancing to the Ross 420 Club, followed by the creation of the Ross 440 Club in July 2022.

The 440 Club has seen a notable 16-point increase in the average EPEF score and encompasses 111 members, including seven Gold, two double Gold, and multiple repeat winners, Aviagen said.

Broiler technical manager at Aviagen and club champion Kieron Daniels said: “When the Ross 440 Club was established in 2022, it initially represented the top 1% of the industry.

‘Exceptional achievements’

“However, owing to exceptional achievements through stockmanship and management, membership has now grown to encompass 5% of UK broiler flocks.

“To maintain the club’s status in the highest 1% echelon, we therefore recognize the need to raise the EPEF requirement to 450.

“In collaboration with Sean Harrison, our newest member of the Broiler Technical team, we commit to an annual review of the target, making necessary adjustments to ensure the continuity of this elite status.


“We have also recently seen our highest-ever EPEF of 488 recorded by Gavin Asquith and are very excited by Gavin’s outstanding result.”

Mr Asquith added: “For a long time now, I wanted to be part of the 440 Club. It is an achievement I am very proud of, even more so as I am now a Gold Award winner. It shows that, with the right attitude and commitment, you can achieve such feats and be proud to say you are part of an exclusive group within the industry.”