BRITISH EGG INDUSTRY COUNCIL (BEIC) subscribers are considering whether to make salmonella – and possibly avian influenza – insurance mandatory for members of the Lion Code.

Subscribers at a recent BEIC meeting discussed the matter, with further consultation now taking place over the coming months.

The BEIC said it would revisit the subject at the next subscribers’ meeting, set to be held in October.

In March this year, changes were made meaning flocks that test positive for a salmonella serovar must be removed from the site, and a thorough clean and disinfection of the site undertaken.

Insurance would help ensure farmers were covered for the costs associated with this.

Gauging sentiment

BEIC chief executive Mark Williams said: “BEIC has recommended that insurance for salmonella, and possibly AI, should be mandated, and this was discussed with subscribers at a recent meeting.

“With some producers keen for the decision to remain an individual one, subscribers are now gauging wider producer sentiment on mandatory insurance, and the subject will be revisited at the next subscribers meeting in October.

“Regardless of whether it becomes mandatory, the Lion Code strongly recommends that producers take out insurance cover and has asked producer organisations to encourage their members to ensure that they have adequate cover.”