With the UK experiencing some of the highest rates of disease since records began – from bird flu already being here to deadly African swine fever at our doorstep – British farmers are grappling with momentous challenges. 

To help them defend against disease incursion and protect their livestock and livelihoods, biosecurity, and disease prevention experts, Livetec have developed a new Biosecurity Advisory Service.

Cases of avian influenza have increased at a startling rate this season compared to five years ago, with over 170 cases of H5N1 being reported across the UK since the 1st October 2022. 

Chief Veterinary Officer, Christine Middlemiss said of avian influenza that, “Implementing scrupulous biosecurity has never been more critical. 

“You must regularly clean and disinfect your footwear and clothes before entering enclosures, stop your birds mixing with any wild birds and only allow visitors that are strictly necessary. 

“It is your actions that will help keep your birds safe.”

What is a Biosecurity Advisory Service?

Taking place over the course of a one-day on-farm visit, the Biosecurity Advisory Service sees a Livetec expert conducting a thorough assessment of the farm’s biosecurity measures. 

Practical, informative and helpful, the advisor will highlight areas that may need improving, and advise the farmer on how to do so with advanced, evidence-based solutions.

The comprehensive service includes a complete business overview, including assessment findings and recommendations, a review of the current measures in place and critical data collection, farm-mapping, the identification of issues and the solutions advised, as well as defined on-farm processes and recommended protocols. 

The team at Livetec said: “British farming is in uncharted waters at the moment, with unprecedented outbreaks of avian flu across the UK and persistent threats from other diseases all converging on farmers that have already been pushed to breaking point by rising energy, feed and fertiliser costs.

“Strong biosecurity measures are the first and strongest line of defence against costly, disruptive and potentially deadly disease outbreaks. 

“Our new Advisory Service is designed to be accessible, affordable and helpful with an expert assessment, practical advice and implementation support to raise the bar against disease outbreaks.”

Who are Livetec?

Founded in 2010, Livetec is building the future of biosecurity. Livetec specialises in on-farm, bespoke disease prevention solutions to support farmers as they develop proactive strategies to protect their livestock and livelihoods. 

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For more than a decade, Livetec has collaborated with farmers facing a diverse range of challenges and partnered with leading academic institutions and other commercial and industry bodies to further evidence-based research into biosecurity.

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