Say hello to Smart Poultry World, the brand-new international poultry conference and exhibition taking place on 19th and 20th September 2023 at Inter Expo Center Sofia.

Smart Poultry World aims to set a new standard for innovation, comprehensiveness, and business results.

Poultry farmers in Bulgaria have evolved a culture of cooperation and collaboration over the last 40 years, culminating with the forming of a highly effective industry organisation and annual conference.

Representing more than 70 companies, this industry organisation collectively influences a billion Euro market for eggs and poultry meat in the Balkans and now this forum is opening its doors to all European farmers under the new brand, Smart Poultry World.

Smart Poultry World’s aim is to enable a digital transformation in the poultry industry powered by new technologies that help relieve chronic labour shortages, and increase productivity levels, sustainability, animal health and food quality.

“Our goal is to provide poultry farmers with the knowledge, tools, and network needed to solve the problems they face in both the short and long term,” said Vladimir Galabov, founding board member of BulX, the co-organiser of Smart Poultry World.

The event consists of a one-of-a-kind two-day conference program together with a 2,500 square metre exhibition space.

Attendees can expect to see and hear from familiar names like Big Dutchman, Sanovo Technology Group, Huvepharma and Biochem etc but will also hear from disruptive start-ups in the robotics and AI sphere, leaders in industrial sustainability like Schneider Electric alongside innovative farmers, who are already on their multi-year journey or transforming their operations.

The conference program is split into three tracks:

Animal wellbeing: which focuses on best practices in housing, feeding and preventative medicine featuring experts from across Europe.

Green farming: showcases strategies for sustainable farming and circular economy, providing not just visionary perspectives but also low-cost practical solutions.

Smart Farming: Will provide insights into best practices for farming automation, remote farm management and solutions for maximising the value of off-grade eggs.

“With the formation of Smart Poultry World, we are creating a new platform for the broader poultry industry to interact, learn and grow. 

“We’ve taken care to provide attendees with a truly unique experience mixing big stage inspirational keynotes with practical technology-driven deep dive sessions and a display of remarkable innovations”, Galabov said.

The sold-out exhibition features 40 companies each with unique specialisations from technology development and implementation, to biochemistry and medicine, breeding and the distribution of day-old commercial layer chicks and broilers.

Of course, no gathering can be complete without a celebration and opportunities for informal networking, and the organisers of Smart Poultry World will host a cocktail party after the final keynote on day one and a happy hour at the close of day two.

Smart Poultry World will open its doors on September 19th and 20th at Inter Expo Center Sofia. Tickets and further information are available at