BRAZIL has reported finding avian influenza in wild birds for the first time in the country’s history.

Authorities notified the World Organisation for Animal Health of the finding in the middle of May.

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According to Brazil’s Ministry for Agriculture, three wild birds tested positive for highly pathogenic H5N1 on the coast of Espirito Santo, in the country’s southeast.

Brazil is the world’s biggest exporter of chicken meat. But as the detections of AI were in wild birds, the country’s status as free of avian influenza is not affected.

However, it will prove a concern for producers in the country, which has never recorded an avian influenza outbreak in a commercial flock.


The Brazilian government said it would step up surveillance and work to make the public aware of the need to report any dead wild bird findings.

It said it may also introduce new biosecurity measures on farms based on the risk profile.

The region where the birds were found is not important for the rearing of broilers for export. The state is, however, the third largest egg-producing region serving the domestic market, Reuters reported.