A TRADE association that represents the Brazilian poultry industry has launched a series of initiatives aimed at improving the sector’s image in Europe.

ABPA, or Brazilian Chicken, has outlined its production standards in a new report, and plans a scientific advisory committee formed of three experts from Brazil and the European Union. It will be an “independent voice” talking about the poultry industry, ABPA said.

The report released by the group highlights that broilers are reared in naturally lit and heated barns in Brazil. It also notes that feed is sourced locally and that the industry supports small family farms and jobs growth.

Ricardo Santin, executive director at ABPA said: “The UK and the EU continues to be a key market for Brazilian poultry, and we want to meet that demand and be sure to continue to keep providing the quality produce we have been delivering so far. After all, the food that we export is the same which we offer to our families.”

A ban on 20 plants exporting poultrymeat from Brazil to the European Union remains in place more than a year related to “deficiencies detected in the Brazilian official control system. The 20 plants accounted for about a third of exports to the EU from Brazil.