BISHOP BURTON COLLEGE is to launch the British Egg Academy, which will give students from the age of 16 up a grounding in commercial egg production.

It will be run with 28 organisations from the egg sector, including Morrisons-owned egg packer Chippindale Foods.

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The course, which will begin in January 2021, will result in a Level 2 Diploma in Agriculture.

It will cover a wide range of topics, including environmental and land-based business.

There will also be a series of educational visits to farms, a hatchery, feed mill, packing centre as well as retail operations.

The British egg industry has long struggled to attract workers, despite being a sector in growth with a range of interesting roles and a high potential for career progression.

Learn from doing

Egg farmer Charlie Rook is one of the Academy partners, and farms close to the college. He said: “I think you learn from doing and seeing these enterprises first-hand.

“By being on-farm, students will get a better idea of what it involves and what the job entails.”

“Students will shadow the hen managers… learning about good husbandry, write the daily ‘flock document’ to check feed and water, and learn about egg counting to monitor production.”


Richard Pearson, head of agriculture at Chippindale Foods, added: “Young people can join an industry with huge expansion and benefit from rapid career progression and varied opportunities, as well as feeding the nation with a product that is very ‘in vogue’.”

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