A PETITION calling on retailers to stop using imported eggs that don’t meet British Lion standards in pre-prepared foods like cakes, quiches and salads has been signed more than 23,000 times.

It is close to becoming one of the most popular petitions on Change.org, where it is hosted.

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The petition has already been brought to the attention of MPs, Peers, and members of the devolved legislatures across the UK – as well as being mentioned in the Daily Express and across trade and industry press.

“With boxes of shell eggs on sale at supermarkets produced to British Lion quality standards, research shows consumers assume the eggs in the food they buy are also British but in many cases they are imported,” the petition says.

“British shoppers deserve to eat foods made with egg that meets the highest food safety standards.

“They also deserve to be told where the eggs in the food they buy comes from so they are free to make informed purchasing decisions.”

The British Egg Industry Council, which launched the petition, is calling on all involved in the poultry sector to share the petition far and wide to give total numbers a final push.

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