BRITISH LION will kick off 2024 with a new £1m marketing campaign championing lion-stamped eggs.

It will aim to build trust and deliver “inspirational messages” through content provided by popular social influencers, safety and nutritional experts and media partnerships.

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A focus will be explaining the nutritional benefits of eggs and their versatility as an affordable, sustainable food for all mealtimes will be communicated to millennial families who are seeking ideas and inspiration to provide healthy and nutritious meals for their young families.

Pregnant women and parents at the weaning stage will be provided with the FSA advice that they can trust British Lion eggs and include British Lion runny eggs in their diets and for their babies.

Registered dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, will reinforce the nutritional importance of eggs for these audiences.


Social media influencers with a collective following of more than 2m, will be creating and sharing content throughout the year to drive awareness of the benefits, taste and convenience of eggs among young families.

British Lion will also launch on the social media channel TikTok for the first time, unlocking access to the 28.9m monthly UK users, of whom 42% are parents.

This will be complemented by the @egg_recipes Instagram account whose followers grew by 18% to 88,000 during 2023.

Food service

To reinforce the importance of retailers and foodservice sourcing British Lion eggs, food safety expert, Sterling Crew, will continue as an ambassador advocating the food safety aspect of British Lion eggs.

Foodservice will also be targeted through professional chefs sharing advice, innovative recipes and inspiration.

Gary Ford, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council, said: “Consumers can wholeheartedly trust eggs carrying the British Lion on the shell and pack.

Sustainable protein

“With the safety of imported eggs under the FSA microscope, it is vital that retailers and food service businesses look to the British Lion to ensure they are offering the highest quality eggs to their customers.

“Eggs are not just the most sustainable animal protein; they are one of the most nutritionally dense, natural foods, and their versatility helps provide families with the perfect ingredient for quick, healthy, affordable and easy meal solutions.

“Our 2024 campaign will be communicating these important messages to increase awareness and consumption of British Lion eggs.”