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Alzchem is the inventor, producer and patent holder of the feed additive Creamino®, an innovative source of creatine for livestock.

Creamino® is a preparation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) which is metabolically synthesized to Creatine. Creatine acts like a “battery” that stores energy by regenerating ATP and transporting high energy phosphates within and between the cells. Creamino® is produced in two completely backwards integrated production units in Germany ensuring supply safety and excellent quality paired with an outstanding expertise of its R&D-team.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that Creamino® supplementation has beneficial effects on body weight gain, feed conversion ratio and meat quality. In addition, during stress or fast growth, an optimal supply of energy is ensured to maintain healthy, well performing animals.

In feed formulation the manifold effects of Creamino® can be applied in different ways. Using Creamino® “on top” optimizes growth performance, feed conversion ratio and other relevant parameters. Due to its unique metabolic pathway, Creamino® matrix values (i.e. energy, Arginine, Creatine) reduce feed costs and/or help to support low CP diets.


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