Arden Wood Shavings Ltd

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Arden supplies a large portfolio of poultry farms and integrators across the UK with bedding products.

Safemix, a blend of high-quality wood shavings and clean sterile woodchip, is Arden’s flagship poultry bedding product providing maximum comfort for birds, as well as superb litter performance. Litter has excellent aerating and absorbency properties, with Safemix greatly reducing the risk of hock burn, breast blisters and pododermatitis. Safemix is available in Bulk, Maxibales and Top-Up bales.

Affiliated with Veolia Organics, we also supply “Agribed” a kiln-dried paper crumb bedding available in bulk.

Poultry farmers can be assured of consistent quality, reliable supplies and excellent service. We provide bio-secure deliveries to poultry farms nationwide.

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For sales please call: 01675 443 888,