Eggbase Ltd


Eggbase Ltd is an independent, agile, agri-tech software company, based in the UK, that supports the egg and poultry sectors.

We offer a secure, fully-permissioned, software-as-a-service platform with a user-friendly data analytics dashboard and a unique carbon footprinting tool for pullet rearers, egg layers, broiler growers and their supply chain.

The Eggbase platform is a flock management tool for improving production efficiency, bird welfare and sustainability and centralised document storage for ensuring compliance with any assurance scheme.

iOS app, android app, web or process controller-linked production recording gives whole-life data visibility, benchmarking, flexible data analysis and an individual flock detailed carbon footprint.

The supply chain (packers, breeders, feed suppliers, retailers, auditors, vets, researchers) has easy access to permissioned, remote data and documentation of any farmer in their group that uses Eggbase, for remote support, benchmarking, auditing, business analysis and carbon footprinting.