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Ekogea Uk supplies solutions for animal health, Anaerobic digestion, and crop production.

BioComplex for Animal Health.

Ekogea’s BioComplex is a range of unequally processed, 100% natural Marine Algae (Seaweed) products, including hygiene and feed ingredients, aimed at improving farm profitability, animal husbandry and helping farmers meet the challenges of the future of sustainable livestock farming.

BioComplex Products for Poultry
Ekogea’s BioComplex product range for Poultry includes two products aimed at improving both the external and internal health of the birds:

BioComplex BOOST is applied to the bedding or to animal housing as a mist or spray, it produces a significant reduction in ammonia in the litter which in turn improves the environment of the house. BioComplex Boost .reduces pathogen levels via competitive exclusion resulting in cleaner sheds and healthier birds.

It is a 100% organic natural product derived from marine algae.

BioComplex PLUS is a UFAS certified natural and organic, feed ingredient for poultry. It acts as a prebiotic, providing significant and sustained improvements to the gut health of the birds.

This results in both healthier birds, and also improved KPIs such as a reduced FCR, increased weight gain, and lower mortality rates.

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