GMS Consultancy


GMS Consultancy provides services into the Poultry Industry from performance improvement, audit preparation as well as supplying cleaning chemicals, Disinfectants and bedding into the sector.

My name is Gemma Smyth and I am based in sunny Somerset with 10 years in the Poultry Industry. I have opened and worked in various packing centers covering free-range, Organic and Colony as well as feed mills and broiler units.

I cover all areas in both the Laying and Broiler Industries over the whole of the UK and Ireland.

I am also an Animal Welfare Inspector for NSF so have a vast knowledge of Lion Code and Red Tractor Standards.

I have various qualifications including ISO9001 Lead Auditor PCQI, BRC Internal Auditor, I have various training qualifications including L3 TAQA and Training and Delivering. I have my Poultry Passport, L3 Food Safety, L3 HACCP, L2 TACCP/VACCP and many more.

I can also support other farms in general audit preparation and organisation outside of the poultry sector.

I am passionate about what I do and treat each client’s business as if it was my own. Audit Preparation is my favourite task as I like to be organised and audit-ready at all times.

Gemma Smyth