International Water Solutions


IWS are the manufactures of some of the most advanced solutions available in the world today. Providing effective disinfection solutions that have been trusted by the poultry industry for nearly two decades, to improve performance such as water treatment, line flushing and shed fogging.

IWS are experts in disinfection and bio-security with cost-friendly, patented and government-approved solutions that help protect your livestock from bacteria and viruses and provide the best performance and productivity possible.

Including our patented disinfectant XZIOX® highly effective against bacteria and biofilm within drinking water systems, MIPRO® a non-corrosive, time-effective alternative to line flushing and AVPRO® a safe alternative for turnaround disinfection. Our team have over 80 years of combined poultry and water treatment knowledge ensuring to provide a first-class service.


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