Livetec Systems


Livetec Systems are the industry leaders for biosecurity services, disease prevention requirements, animal welfare solutions and outbreak resolution. For over a decade, we have been on the front line working alongside poultry and egg farmers across the UK, becoming a supportive partner to their farm businesses and mitigating their risks.

We provide a unique suite of biosecurity services, designed to enhance livestock protection and disease prevention.

Our unique biosecurity advisory service uses specialist technical and scientific knowledge to give farm businesses the insights they need to protect the welfare and health of their animals from disease incursion and unexpected illness.

We also offer bespoke biosecurity consultancy and training alongside a range of individual plans tailored to your business, designed to help you reduce risks and to help protect your livestock and livelihood, including our farm contingency plan, biosecurity plan, infected premises response plan, national outbreak plan and cleaning and disinfection plan.

Our biosecurity services are recognised by both APHA and Defra as well as insurers.

Protecting the welfare of your poultry from disease with a comprehensive suite of biosecurity plans and services protects your business, finances and reputation.

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