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We supply a range of poultry farms and integrators throughout the UK with a cost-effective alternative poultry bedding, “Agribed” specifically designed for broilers and turkeys.

Sterile, absorbent, DEFRA, EA & Red Tractor approved, Agribed stays dry and friable for longer and reduces the number of top-up bales required.
It is also an excellent insulator with the added benefits of reducing ammonia levels and the risk of pododermatitis.

Affiliated with Arden Wood Shavings, we also supply “Safemix” wood shavings in bulk or bales.

Whether it is Agribed or Safemix, poultry farmers can be assured of consistent quality, reliable supplies and excellent service. We provide bio-secure deliveries to poultry farms nationwide.

Please contact us for further enquiries and to see how we can help you save money without compromise.

Stephanie Kerr

Agricultural Sales Coordinator

Tel: 07468 709 326

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