CARGILL UK has gained approval for the use of four of its poultry feed products in organic poultry production systems.

Included is red mite control product D-Mite, a new ‘natural’ wormer called Verdict and two phytogenic feed additives.

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“Red mite infestations have escalated in the past decade,” says Cargill’s UK poultry commercial manager David McBride.

“Unless infestations are controlled, numbers escalate rapidly, and egg producers can see a significant fall in productivity.

“The mite irritates the birds and can cause anaemia and feather loss.

“In severe cases, mortality will occur, and conditions become unpleasant for unit employees.”


Mr McBride added that the new wormer added a new tool for control for organic farmers, as there are limited options available for control.

And two feed additives, BioStrong 510 and BioStrong Protect, are now certified for use in organic systems.

“These are natural substances, derived from plants including herbs and spices, and their extracts, and can be used in layer and broiler systems as natural performance enhancers.

“PFAs can improve nutrient utilisation, stimulate enzymatic activity and have been shown to reduce the pathogenicity of several bacteria,” explained Mr McBride.

“They can also have a positive effect on bird welfare, food safety and environmental issues.”