CARGILL is developing audio monitoring technology that it plans to integrate with artificial intelligence to detect problems in poultry sheds sooner.

The company is analysing the vocalisations of birds, with the aim of finding patterns and changes that may signal health or welfare issues.

It is piloting the technology on two poultry farms in China. In Canada the company is running similar trials using video recording to analyse flock movements.

Developing hardware robust enough to withstand poultry sheds has been a primary challenge, according to Cargill’s Dries Tromp. “We are still learning and testing and are staying agile in our approach.”

“Early detection of health concerns will allow for intervention to diagnose the issues and take corrective actions,” he added.

“We are developing an approach that is focused on ensuring chickens are healthy and receive great care, which is essential to the long-term sustainability of the business.”