THE International Egg Foundation (IEF) has promoted executive director of programmes Cassy Smith to the role of chief executive.

The charity said the move marked a new chapter for the IEF, which, at close to ten years old, promotes the production and consumption of eggs as a healthy protein in the developing world.

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It has developed projects in Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda and is beginning work in Honduras.

The focus is on transferring commercial poultry farming practices sustainably to developing nations.

“Through the global egg industry, we have a fantastic opportunity to come together and increase our impact,” said Ms Price.

Accelerate impact

“Effective, sustainable commercial egg farming has the power to change lives – it cultivates prosperity and enhances food security and healthy outcomes.”

“Our next focus is to significantly accelerate our impact through the creation of ‘egg hub’ business models which will sustainably increase egg consumption and support the entire value chain.

“Ensuring long-term economic viability in all our egg production projects is the key.”