NOBLE FOODS has rolled out its partnership with charity Magic Breakfast, which aims to provide schoolchildren with a nutritious breakfast.

The egg packer is helping raise funds for Magic Breakfast and trialling a supply of eggs to be served in schools – a first for the charity.

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Thirty schools are currently serving happy egg co eggs as ‘dippy eggs’, both a nutritious offering and one which helps with dexterity and broadening children’s diets, according to one of the schools.

“We unanimously agreed that a nutritious breakfast and the ability to learn were two causes of great importance to all of us”, said Duncan Everett, CEO of Noble Foods.

“I’m very humbled and pleased to continue our partnership with Magic Breakfast, both from our corporate support and through our collaboration with the happy egg co. – truly a perfect match and a project everyone at Noble Foods is incredibly proud to stand behind.”

‘Nutritious start’

Alice Chamberlain, of charity Magic Breakfast, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Noble Foods to work towards our mission of no child too hungry to learn.

“The egg trial has got off to a fantastic start and is ensuring a nutritious start for children and young people, helping to unlock their learning.

“We can’t wait to see what’s to come next for our fantastic partnership.”