AN enhanced market access deal for cooked poultrymeat and genetic stock is now in action after avian flu delayed its implementation.

Moy Park is the first UK firm to take advantage of the new market access by sending high-value cooked poultrymeat products to Japan.

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Defra said the deal could be worth more than £10m in the next five years.

UK poultry meat has been exported to Japan since a market access deal for fresh and cooked poultry was secured in 2021, but Avian Influenza outbreaks in the UK have led to restrictions on the trade.

The new agreement enables smoother trade of cooked poultry meat, meaning that additional high-value exports to Japan can be made.

High value

Moy Park, one of the UK’s largest poultry meat producers, is the first to be officially registered to export cooked poultry to Japan under this agreement from one of its facilities in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Japan is also a valuable market for high-quality UK breeding poultry, with a further market access agreement secured in recent weeks.

The agreement streamlines regionalisation for exports of breeding chicks, ensuring that any future avian influenza outbreaks only lead to temporary restrictions on exports from affected regions rather than a countrywide ban.

‘World leader’

The UK is a world leader in the supply of poultry genetics, and this deal will allow Japanese poultry companies to continue access to UK high-grade stock.

Food and Farming Minister Mark Spencer said: “British poultry is rightly celebrated as some of the best in the world and I’m delighted that new high value products can now be enjoyed in Japan.

“I’d like to pay tribute to our Agri-food Attaché network who work hard to secure trade opportunities like this and fly the flag for UK farmers.”