ORGANIC poultry farmers could face challenges balancing the diets of their stock after the EU Commission ruled out a relaxation of the rules surrounding genetically modified ingredients.

Vitamin B2 deficiencies can cause problems with nervous systems, the digestive tract and the sex organs, and can lead to increased mortality.

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Plant-based feeds contain too little vitamin B2 so it must be supplemented in rations.

But there is an acute shortage of GMO-free supplements on the market. Belgian MEP Kris Peeters highlighted the issue in the European Parliament in late March.

He called on the EU Commission to allow a derogation for Vitamin B2 “produced with GMOs so long as the supply of Vitamin B2 produced without GMOs remains insufficient to meet demand”.

But in responding in mid-May, the commission effectively ruled out such a derogation, suggesting that legislation, as it stands, would not permit it.

“The Commission does not intend to make a proposal allowing the possibility to use vitamin B2 feed additive produced by GMOs in organic production.”