Dechra has extended the licence on its infectious bronchitis vaccine, Avishield IB H120, which is now available for adult laying hens.

Avishield IB H120 contains an attenuated live virus of avian infectious bronchitis, Massachusetts serotype, strain H-120 and is for use in drinking water.

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It can now be used in all production lines of chickens, including broilers, breeding chickens, future layers and adult laying hens, with no impact on egg production.

The vaccine is intended for the active immunisation of chickens to reduce the effects of avian infectious bronchitis serotype Massachusetts infection on ciliary activity, which may manifest in respiratory signs.

It has an onset of immunity three weeks after vaccination and a duration of immunity of eight weeks.

Contagious disease

It is the second infectious bronchitis vaccine in the Avishield range to be approved for use in laying hens, the first of which was Avishield IB G1-13 which targets the IBV 793B serotype.

Johnny Wells West, poultry key account manager at Dechra, said: “Infectious bronchitis is a highly contagious disease of the upper respiratory tract which can lead to major health, welfare and production issues in poultry, as in addition to respiratory issues it can decrease egg production and egg quality.

“We are, therefore, delighted that both Avishield IB H120 and Avishield IB G1-13 are now available for use in adult laying hens, providing poultry producers with even greater flexibility when protecting their flocks against disease.”