Aviagen has worked hard to drive bird productivity and sustainability for the past two decades. Our focus on balanced breeding has led to birds with excellent Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), high meat yield and a healthy growth rate, while maintaining robust health, welfare, and environmental sustainability.

Have a look at our animation which shows these benefits to the broiler industry and all three pillars of sustainability.

FCR – Driver of sustainability

Continuous improvements in FCR result in reduced waste in the form of nitrate and phosphate excretions that can harm the environment as well as conservation of land that would otherwise be used for growing extra feed. Additionally, we’re able to save water — a precious natural resource that is scarce in many parts of the world.

Efficient use of feed is essential to the economic sustainability of poultry producers, as it represents the greatest cost in the business. At Aviagen, we’re proud of our progress in improving live weight, which translates to shorter grow-out periods and reduced energy usage and business costs. These efforts not only benefit producers but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Contributing to a sustainable future

At Aviagen, we are dedicated to ensuring that poultry remains an affordable, nutritious, and readily available protein source to feed a growing global population.

We invite you to see our animation and learn more about our efforts to improve productivity and sustainability in the poultry industry, helping to sustain the businesses of the world’s poultry farmers while preserving our planet for decades to come.