ABERDEENSHIRE-based Duncan Farms has announced a rebrand of its free-range eggs stocked in Morrisons stores across Scotland.

The rebrand to Duncan’s Eggs (formerly Duncan Farms eggs) can be found on shelves from Monday, 17 June.

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The company said it was a move to more accurately reflect the company’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and traceability.

Duncan Farms is investing more than £10 million in the business this year including a new packing centre, new free-range sites on their own land and product development.

Additionally, they have partnered with contract producers looking to build new free-range sites over the next 24 months.


Multiple projects are underway across the firm’s sites to drive continual improvements with their sustainability and increase organic free-range production by 30% in 2024.

Projects include planting over 68,000 trees on their farms and over 20km of hedgerows to increase biodiversity as well as provide shelter for hens.

They are also working to reduce their carbon footprint, primarily through reformulation of diets, utilising home-grown proteins.

New egg packaging

Since Duncan Farms inception in 2011 their sister business, Muirden Energy has been fully integrated with the farms as part of their investment in renewable energy solutions, including the installation of wind turbines and solar panels at free-range sites and biomass heating at rearing sites.

As part of the rebrand, the new Duncan’s Eggs packs are made from recycled content and are 100% recyclable.


The rebrand also introduces some fun Duncan’s Eggs mascots to further tell the story of the brand’s core pillars.

“Duncan the Egg” is the iconic mascot of Duncan’s Egg, proudly wearing a kilt to showcase the company’s heritage and commitment to supporting local producers.

Other characters include Eggbert who represents traceability within the integrated farming process, Shelly the free-spirited mascot representing dedication to renewables and biodiversity and Benedict, the chef mascot passionate about nutrition and quality ingredients.

Rachael Duncan, Duncan Farms’ sales director, said: “The rebranding to Duncan’s Eggs marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we continue to grow.

“The new name not only honours our family heritage but also reinforces our dedication to producing high-quality, sustainable free-range eggs for our customers.

Duncan Farms, established in 2011 has been supplying eggs to Morrisons since 2018.