KIPSTER, the Netherlands-based concept farm that produces carbon-neutral eggs, has begun constructing one of its farms in the United States.

Eggs from the farms will be listed in Kroger supermarkets and marketed as the first high-welfare carbon-neutral eggs for sale in the US from late 2022.

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The farm is being built by MPS Eggs, an egg producer packer based in North Manchester, Indiana.

The Kipster system is designed to provide hens with a cage-free, wooded environment with lots of enrichment, daylight and outdoor space.

Birds’ diets are supplemented with surplus food from bakeries and other outlets, and the farm is solar panelled, reducing its carbon footprint.

‘Closed-loop system’

Brad Studer, senior director, Our Brands for Kroger, said: “These Simple Truth and Kipster eggs will be produced in a closed-loop system that aligns with the highest health and welfare standards for people and animals.

“These sustainable, zero-waste eggs reflect yet another milestone in Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste mission to help create communities free of hunger and waste.”