THE Netherlands has reintroduced a national housing order after two cases of avian influenza hit poultry farms in the country in quick succession.

It is just days after the country lifted its final regional housing order and is a response to both the domestic cases and an increase in detections across Europe.

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The housing order was only lifted in the Gelderse Vallei region of the Netherlands on 3 November before the Ministry of Agriculture imposed the national restrictions on 14 November.

The government also requested a new risk assessment given the new cases and the broader European situation.

One of the Dutch cases was in a ‘care farm’, while the other was a commercial layer unit housing 65,000 layers.

There have also been cases reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health from Sweden, Italy, Hungary Denmark and the Netherlands in the past week.

At the Egg And Poultry Industry Conference in Early November, chief vet Christine Middlemiss warned that, while cases were currently lower, ongoing wild bird migrations from East to West may lead to cases increasing once again.