EGG prices are up by an average of 30% across the EU according to new data released by the European Commission.

Eurostat said the rise, over the 12 months to January, made eggs one of the food products with the highest price increases.

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By contrast, in the 12 months prior to January 2022, prices were up just 7%.

There was a broad range of price changes across the bloc. In Germany, for example, prices rose by just under 20%.

In Hungary, however, the price of eggs was up by close to 80% over the period.

Overall inflation across Europe was reported to be at its highest-ever level in 2022, 9.2% compared with 2.9% a year earlier, with food and non-alcoholic beverages a major driver of this increase, up 11.9% on average.

UK prices

While not directly comparable, the average price rise of a pack of six large free-range eggs in the UK has risen about 45% between March last year and now, analysis of British Free Range Egg Producer Association figures reveals.

When broken down by retailer, the lowest percentage increase in egg price was Waitrose, where prices are up 19%, from £2.10 a year ago to £2.50 now.

By contrast, at Lidl, prices recorded were up from 99p for six large this time last year and have risen to £1.65 this month, a 66% increase.