A SERIES of technical webinars on a range of topics relevant to laying hen production has been made available on demand. 

Elanco Animal Health’s “Let’s Talk Layers” series addresses key industry challenges – biosecurity, cage-free production and egg branding – and features presentations from egg industry experts from across the world.

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Jeremy Marsh, Elanco layer business manager, said the three-part series was designed to help producers and vets prepare for significant current and future industry challenges.

“It’s important for us to support egg producers from every angle in order to help them run a sustainable business, maintain a high standard of animal welfare, and provide the consumer with a safe end-product,” added Mr Marsh.

“Our webinar series features input from a range of global industry experts – all of whom provide valuable advice and insight to help egg producers tackle industry challenges.”


The first webinar in the series – Let’s Talk Biosecurity – was led by Eduardo de Souza Pinto, president of operations at Hy-Line International.

In the session, he encourages producers to view biosecurity as an investment in their business, rather than a cost, and provides top tips for maintaining it at the highest possible standard.

The second webinar – Let’s Talk Cage-free Production – was led by British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Joret and Dr Déborah Temple, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Mr Joret explains how a mixture of activist pressure and consumer demand is driving the move to cage-free production. Dr Temple discusses the potential health and welfare challenges posed by moving away from cages.

The final webinar in the series – Let’s Talk Branding – features insight from British Egg Industry Council chief executive, Mark Williams. He explains how the UK Lion Code for eggs has evolved and gained global recognition.

“These webinars are a great resource for producers, vets and anyone working in the egg industry,” added Mr Marsh.

“From advice on maintaining high levels of biosecurity, to tips on ensuring optimal welfare for your hens, this series is a must-watch.”

All three webinars are available to watch on-demand at letstalklayerselanco.com.