FRENCH farmers affected by the fipronil in eggs scandal two years ago will be able to access compensation after the EU Commission approved state aid.

A €350,000 fund has been made available for those who suffered a loss as a result of either destroying eggs or culling flocks contaminated with the unlicensed treatment for red mite.

The compensation is designed to finance the decontamination, testing and financial loss that producers suffered.

Farmers in Belgium have previously had access to a similar fund.

Fipronil was supplied by the Belgian company Chickfriend to farmers across Western Europe, billed as an effective control for red mite.

But it was not approved for use in animals within the food chain because of concerns over toxicity.

In the Netherlands alone the outbreak resulted in the destruction of 100m eggs and the culling of three million chickens.

Nearly 400 farms were affected, with many still struggling to completely remove contamination to this day.