A NEW joint venture has been established between Lough Erne Investments Ltd, owned by Charles Crawford, founder and managing director of Ready Egg Products and Fane Valley Co-operative. 

In establishing this new joint venture Fane Valley has acquired the interests of the exiting shareholders Greenfield Foods Ltd and Shane & Declan Kerrigan (formerly Irish Egg Products).

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Established in 1975, originally as Erne Eggs, Ready Eggs is now one of the leading egg companies in the UK serving a range of retail, food service and manufacturing customers. Ready Egg Products acquired Skea Eggs in April 2022.

Trevor Lockhart, chief executive of Fane Valley Co-op said: “We are delighted to have successfully completed this investment in Ready Egg Products Ltd. 

“Fane Valley has worked very closely with Charles Crawford and the Ready Egg business over many years as a supplier of point-of-lay pullets and layers’ feed. 

Growth ambitions

“This transaction represents a strategic opportunity for Fane Valley to further strengthen our existing relationship as a supplier, and we also look forward to working together with the established team in Ready Egg Products, led by Charles Crawford, to realise the growth ambitions of the company.”

Charles Crawford, owner of Lough Erne Investments and Managing Director of Ready Egg Products added: “Ready Egg Products is now established as one the leading egg companies in the UK, packing and processing over 25 million eggs per week for a wide range of retail, food service and manufacturing customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

 “Greenfield Foods Ltd and Shane & Declan Kerrigan have been part of the journey with us since 2007 and I wish to acknowledge their contribution to the growth and success of the business.”


“We have continued to innovate and expand to meet the needs of our customers, with our presence in the retail market having been greatly enhanced through our acquisition of Skea Eggs in 2022.

“We look forward to working with Fane Valley, our long-standing supply chain partner, to pursue further growth, to realise efficiencies and to drive improvements in the sustainability of our products and processes.”