FOR FARMERS is now sourcing organic soya oil that has been manufactured in Europe, and has invested in enhanced storage facilities.

The firm said that the new supply and storage would allow it to deliver better organic diets for laying hens.

Without soya oil diet formulations are limited by space as higher levels of cereals – in particular maize – have to be included to provide enough energy for birds.


For Farmers poultry specialist Ian Campbell said the newly available organic oil supply would free up space in rations.

Delivering amino acid requirements without access to pure individual amino acids is another challenge when formulating organic diets – a compromise is that protein levels are too high.


“When a layer’s diet is too high in protein, gut health is negatively affected, which can lead to wet litter.

“Achieving the level of methionine required for optimal egg production is a particular issue.”

The new diets include feed materials that support the bird’s functional methionine requirements and methionine regeneration; freeing up other sources of the amino acid for structural processes essential for increased productivity and egg size.

Energy requirements

Mr Campbell added: “In the new diets we are able to more easily meet energy requirements from oil supplementation and are able to more fully exploit medium energy ingredients such as sunflower meal.

“This, as well as providing protein, is an excellent source of structural fibre. Which improves gizzard function and helps support intestinal health.”

For Farmers began manufacturing the new Natural Organic feed in its Penrith mill in February this year.