DEFRA has recorded a 12% increase in farmgate egg prices in 2020.

The average price in the fourth quarter of last year was 81.7p/doz, up 11.7% on the same period in 2019 and 0.6% higher than the third quarter of 2020.

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Over the whole of 2020, the average price recorded for free-range eggs was 90.1p/doz, compared with 80.3p/doz a year earlier.

Free-range farmgate prices ended the year on a 92.4p/doz high.

The figures were published in Defra’s egg statistics report, which was published at the end of January.

Colony egg prices also rose, from an average of 53.6p/doz in 2019 to 57.8p/doz a year later.

Free range

By some margin, free-range is now the dominant egg production type, accounting for 56% of packing station throughput in Q4 2020.

Colony, by contrast, accounted for 39% of throughput.

Over the year, total egg throughput declined by 1.2% after many years of sustained growth, driven by colony egg production dropping from 13.3m cases to 12.6m.

All other sectors recorded modest growth apart from barn egg throughput, which increased by nearly 30% to 771,000 cases.