SHROPSHIRE-based Griffiths Family Farms intends to build a novel Kipster barn egg system to supply carbon-neutral eggs to Lidl stores in the UK.

Subject to planning approval, the Dutch concept farm that utilises renewable energy, feeds birds by-products of food waste and rears male birds for meat will be operational from Spring 2025.

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The first Kipster farm opened in the Netherlands in October 2017. While technically a barn system, birds have access to a naturally lit ranging area furnished with enrichments that mimic the bird’s natural woodland environment.

The system is stocked with 24,000 white layers whose diet is supplemented with processed food waste from within Lidl’s supply chain.

Planning documents submitted to Telford and Wrekin Council detail a barn egg-laying unit with 1,032 solar panels on its south-facing roof. A decision on the new unit is expected in November.

Lower carbon footprint

The system has a ‘significantly’ lower carbon footprint when compared with other types of farms, with any additional emissions offset with the purchase of carbon credits.

Ruud Zanders, founder of Kipster, said: “We are delighted to be working with British farmers who are keen to take the next step towards more animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

“We are immensely grateful to Lidl for the trust they put in us to get Kipster off the ground in the UK.


“With their support, we farmers can close the gap between what we’re doing and what people want and need, which is more ethically and sustainably produced food.”

Peter de Roos, chief commercial officer at Lidl GB, said: “When we first met with Kipster, we were instantly struck by their devotion and commitment to providing the highest welfare standards for chickens and roosters, whilst also doing right by the planet.

“At Lidl we want to give our customers the very best products at the best possible prices, which is why we’re so excited to be the first grocer to bring Kipster’s eggs to our stores across Great Britain.

“We would urge Telford and Wrekin Council to approve the plans to ensure that British shoppers have access to this industry-leading egg.”

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