H5N8 AVIAN INFLUENZA has been found on a turkey parent farm in the North West of Germany.

It marks the most westerly incursion of the high-path strain, which has been circulating across Eastern Europe since late last year.

The latest outbreak was in the Aurich district, in the municipality of Dornum.

Lower Saxony state authorities said the farm had identified production problems before official tests confirmed H5N8.

The flock of 10,000 55-week-old turkey parents was culled on Saturday (23 March).

Nearby poultry farms have tested negative for the virus.


Last week H5N8 was detected on a smaller poultry farm in the Leipzig district of the Free State of Saxony.

The H5N8 high-path strain of avian influenza has been discovered on farms in Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, among others, since late 2019.