The actor Su Pollard has weighed in on a controversial poultry planning case during a Shropshire village fete.

Ms Pollard made the remarks in support of a proposed 32,000-bird free-range egg farm near Norton-in Hales, Shropshire, while playing Hook-a-Duck.

Speaking in support of the development by Merlott Chitty Farms, she said: “There’s just a bone of contention from myself. I keep seeing these posters up that say ‘BAN’ (Betton and Norton Action Group) with a chicken.”

She went on: “I’m not getting into a political situation; I’m just suggesting that townies shouldn’t come here if they don’t like chickens.”

BAN reacted with anger at the remarks, which were captured by a Shropshire Star videographer.

The group later released a statement in which local resident Karen Cliff said: “I was shocked to be called ‘a townie’ by the actress Su Pollard, who recently attended our annual village fete.

“This was clearly a publicity stunt to promote an industrial poultry factory by aspiring developer Merlott Chitty Farms, who escorted her to and from the fete.”

Merlott Chitty Farms insisted Ms Pollard’s appearance and support of the development was a coincidence.