THE British Poultry Council Awards once again celebrated achievement in the poultrymeat sector with a ceremony held at the House of Commons in early December.

The BPC Annual Awards recognise long and distinguished careers, contributions to research, potential for future excellence and individuals who have supported and made significant contributions to the British poultry meat industry.

Below are the winners and their pictures.

2023 Annual Awards Winners:

Special Distinguished Service  James Hook (PD Hook)
Distinguished Service Evelyn Edwards (Hook2Sisters)
Distinguished Service Mark Elder (Moy Park)
Distinguished Service Debbie Foster (Avara Foods)
Distinguished Service Peter Morgan (Moy Park)
Distinguished Service Helen Sisson (2 Sisters Food Group)


Marketing Award Paddy Dallat (Moy Park)
Mid Career Chris Chater (Hook2Sisters)
Mid Career Adrian Gavin (Moy Park)
Mid Career David MacArthur (Avara Foods)


Mid Career Anne Richmond (Moy Park)