AN investigation has been opened by the Food Standards Agency’s National Food Crime Unit involving the misrepresentation of poultrymeat as free-range and potential food safety breaches.

A search warrant has been executed at an unnamed premises now linked to a live criminal investigation.

The FSA said it was working with veterinary resources, police and the local authority involved.

It added that, if necessary food recalls would be ordered through its FSA alert system which can be signed up to on its website.

Andrew Quinn, head of the FSA’s National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) said: “The Food Standard Agency’s NFCU, along with other authorities, have executed a search warrant at a premises linked to a live criminal investigation into alleged food fraud.

“The investigation involves poultry meat allegedly misrepresented as free range.

“We have also identified potential food safety breaches and the FSA are working with industry and appropriate enforcing authorities to protect consumers by ensuring affected batches are withdrawn from sale.”