THE JAN ZANDBERGEN GROUP, one of the biggest importers of poultry into Europe, has signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC).

It joins dozens of other businesses that have pledged to change their supply chains by only sourcing slower-growing breeds of broiler stocked at lower densities by 2026.

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The BCC, formerly known as the European Chicken Commitment or Broiler Ask, is being driven by 30 NGOs across Europe.

In the UK, KFC, Nando’s, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are some of the firms that have signed up to the pledge.


Jochem Versloot, a director at Jan Zandbergen Group, said: “One of our core values is taking responsibility, that means also Corporate Social Responsibility, including animal welfare.

“The majority of chicken products that we supply already meet higher standards than EU legislation requires.

“However, not all suppliers are yet able to meet the desired higher patterns.

“With our commitment to support the BCC, we encourage various producers worldwide to meet the standards of BCC.

“We will also make efforts to assist them in this transition to adapt to the BCC welfare standards.”